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    We can always use the extra help in a variety of areas with the business. Here is a list where your talents could be used:

    1. Making accessories (cutting, sewing, hot gluing, braiding)
    2. Coming up with new products and ideas
    3. Marketing
    4. Updating the website
    5. Cleaning and organizing
    6. Packaging and shipping
    7. Work at trade shows and events


    Spread the Word

    This is super important to our business. The only way we will grow is if people find out about us. If you like our products then please post about it on social media, wear the products in public and tell your friends about us! 

    If you really love our product, what we stand for, and want to do more than just post on social media, then here are additional ways you can help:

    1. Become educated about human trafficking. With the internet at your fingertips, there are so many ways to learn about this. Just google human trafficking, forced labor, slave labor, sex trafficking, etc.
    2. Take this quiz to learn about your slavery footprint
    3. Learn more about our causes - The Exodus Road and Make Way Partners.
    4. Read the books about our causes: The Exodus Road by Laura Parker and Passport Through Darkness by Kimberly Smith. 
    5. Talk to your church, friends, family and encourage people to also read the books, donate, get involved, etc.


    Invite us to Speak

    Our founder, Jessica Burt, has already spoken to churches, colleges, and at conferences. She or one of our other team members can come talk about human trafficking, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, fashion and more. We would love to ignite a passion for others to find what their calling is and how to go about doing it. We can also set up to sell our products. We are willing to work with whatever you have in mind!



    We are always in need of used clothing and supplies! For clothing, we specifically need t-shirts, sweaters, dresses and printed tops. We will also take fabrics, lace, yarn, leather, etc. We can pretty much find a way to use anything!

    We recently had a campaign to raise money for new sewing machines, and thankfully we raised $1,000 and were able to buy two brand new machines and two really nice used machines. We always need items such as thread, needles, scissors, rotary blades, glue sticks, etc. If you are interested in donating items, please e-mail us. If you would like to donate money towards supplies, you can do so here: Donate Online.


    Email repurposeaccessories@gmail.com to get involved today!